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Have You Been Telling Stories Again?

Have You Been Telling Stories Again?

Posted by on Aug 1, 2020 in News | No Comments

Remember when your Mom would warn you against telling stories – like it was a bad thing? Well I’m here to tell you that stories are not only good – they’re absolutely essential to the success of any program, venture, non-profit or brand. Take for instance the naming in 2016 of Columbus as the USDOT’s Smart City Challenge winner for advanced transportation. While many of the

No Mystery in Getting to Go

No Mystery in Getting to Go

Posted by on Jul 5, 2020 in Design | No Comments

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, where so much emphasis is put on strategic planning, long-range thinking and integrated systems, you’ll find a curiosity known as the Winchester Mystery House. The legend goes that Sarah Winchester, widow of gun magnate, William Wirt Winchester, distraught

Power to the Persona – Right On

Power to the Persona – Right On

Posted by on Jun 21, 2020 in News | No Comments

Recently, I was introduced to the process of Pragmatic Marketing – a tenant of which is buyer personas.  What, I asked myself, are buyer personas and why am I just now hearing about them?  Not surprisingly, upon digging deeper, I discovered that essentially, developing a buyer persona is something that marketers and communicators have been doing since

Aligning Resources – Amplifying Results

So that Every Penny Spent on Marketing, Branding and Public Relations is a Penny Invested in Strategic Results


Paul Carlson

“In working closely with Tricia for over five years on the City’s Intelligent Community initiatives, I came to trust and respect her strategic insights and results orientation. She earned my respect and admiration for delivering a full package of solutions.”

- Paul Carlson
Tim Haynes

“Tricia takes a complete approach with her marketing and PR services. Starting first with strategy and objectives, she works back to identify, develop and execute the best approach for messaging, positioning and awareness-building.”

- Tim Haynes
Nancy Rummel

“Tricia is exceptional at developing highly effective communication and PR plans that increase business success. I highly recommend her as a professional who improves your bottom line with messages that grab people’s attention.”

- Nancy Rummel