Klingbeil Capital Management (KCM) is a diversified private real estate investment trust tracing its origins to the early 60s when its founder, Jim Klingbeil, Sr., was a pioneer in developing the lifestyle apartment community concept. Forty years later, KCM would become a pioneer on the World Wide Web as well.  When Sparkafire built KCM’s first Web site, in 2002, it was pretty much unheard of to think anyone would rent an apartment online. Nonetheless, KCM and Sparkafire forged forward with a Web presence that provided integrated, consistent online branding for the more than 30 communities across the nation that constituted KCM’s multi-family portfolio. As technology advanced, Sparkafire introduced search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, resident portal and ILS integration strategies that helped KCM establish itself ahead of its competitors as an early and progressive adopter of Web-enabled technologies to support multi-family management and residential services.

Sparkafire continued to support KCM in pioneering other real estate concepts across the country, providing branding and breakthrough creative campaigns for student housing on five major campuses, creating effective sales strategies for residential condominiums and marketing a portfolio of medical condominiums being positioned as 1031 investments.

  • Led Web development, content management and SEO
  • Directed corporate identity development and local market implementation
  • Established community branding, renaming and repositioning
  • Developed sales collateral and promotions
  • Managed print, outdoor and pay-per-click advertising
  • Placed media  – WSJ, Dispatch, renters’ directories and specialty publications