Sparkafire Strategies is a managed services public relations and marketing firm specializing in helping companies, associations and communities put their stories to work. We help our clients traverse the ever-changing landscape of marketing technologies and strategies. We do it more cost effectively than taking on the overhead of staffing an in-house department, more efficiently than jobbing out individual projects to freelancers, and better than the BIG-NAME agency where, unless you’re a marquis client with very deep pockets, you’ll get their name, but you won’t get their attention.

 Managed services refers to the practice of assigning non-core business functions to a trusted partner. In recent years, it’s a practice that’s become prevalent in IT services, but it’s been around for decades in professions such as accounting, human resources and customer service.  It’s more than just hiring a marketing firm to do a specific campaign or project. It’s hiring someone who becomes vested in your overall success, taking responsibility for actualizing concepts – for bringing brands to life — for putting stories to work.

Partnering with best-in-class talent, Sparkafire’s capabilities encompass all facets of public relations, marketing and media advertising.

Sparkafire was launched in 2002 by Tricia Strahler who serves as the company’s Chief Communications and Strategy Officer.  For more than a decade, Tricia and her strategic partners in design, media, web engineering, social media and broadcast production, have guided clients in economic development, healthcare, retail and real estate, in reaching tangible goals and reaping both financial and intrinsic rewards.

Prior to founding Sparkafire, Tricia served in key public relations roles for organizations as diverse as a regional trial attorney practice, to Ohio State, to an international industrial design firm.  She brings the lessons she’s learned, and the creative network she’s built, to bear upon the marketing and communications challenges of the clients she serves today to enact streamlined, effective and powerful solutions.

So what’s with the name?  Sparkafire is based upon a loose translation of Tricia’s last name, which in German means bright shining ray or “spark of fire.”  Wanting the business name to be more active and reflective of the results the company gains for clients, Tricia adapted the name: spark – take action; a fire – make something happen.  Originally, the company was named Sparkafire Communications, but in 2017 the name was changed to Sparkafire Strategies to put proper emphasis on integrating strategy into every program.  Regardless of how large or small your marketing budget may be, Sparkafire Strategies works to make sure every dollar spent is a dollar srategically invested in  long-term returns.